RTT & Shakespeare 2021

We have started the seventh Shakespeare production with Joanne. She will find a director for us. The Production Team at the moment consists of Joanne, Kati, Karoliina, Ronja, Samuli and Kaarina.

This time will be altogether different because of the coronavirus. It is possible that there will be restrictions with audience numbers and travel in spring and summer. It is also possible that people will avoid public events. We may have to cancel meetings and work through Zoom or continue alone.

So, we must think again, be prepared for changing plans, and happily agree to be a pawn of fate! Here are some outlines for the production at this stage.

We´ll make a shorter show, based on King Lear, Finnish translation by Matti Rossi.
We´ll look for new forms of expression.
The show will not take place at Sarkia Stage.
The script will be re written according to the director´s notes.
Some roles will be cut or combined.
There will be a limit on the size of the crew.

Casting the roles will be based on applications, video audition and interviews.

The schedule is still subject to change but the current thinking is workshops at Easter and rehearsal period plus shows in July. The pattern is still the same: naming cast & crew in the autumn – workshop(s) at Easter – individual work – short and intense rehearsal period and shows in July.

All the lines must be learnt by the beginning of July.

Crew and production roles include assistant director, wardrobe, set, props, stage management (timetables, making and keeping the prompt copy), venues, publicity, marketing and sales.

Some work will be individual and some as part of a team.